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How we’re helping clean up the Marmara Sea…With an underwater drone!

In the quest for cleaner and healthier seas, every innovative partnership counts. At Reflect Studio, we pride ourselves on not just creating merchandise that turns heads, but also on our commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Our collaboration with ADYSK, a group of dedicated volunteers working tirelessly to combat ghost nets in the Marmara Sea, is a testament to our shared values and determination to make a difference.

A Sea of Challenges

The Marmara Sea, like many marine ecosystems around the world, faces the ominous threat of ghost nets—discarded fishing nets that continue to trap and harm marine life long after they're abandoned. ADYSK, driven by their passion for sea conservation, used to organize underwater searches in their mission to rescue these nets. However, the endeavor was often challenging, time-consuming, and unpredictable, with many searches ending in frustration.


Game-Changing Technology

Reflect Studio recognized the immense dedication of the ADYSK team and the potential impact of their work. As a part of our social responsibility initiatives, we decided to step in and make a tangible difference. We provided ADYSK with an underwater drone, effectively becoming their eyes beneath the waves. This innovation transformed their approach to ghost net retrieval, allowing them to precisely locate the nets and strategize successful rescue missions.

Precision, Passion, and Progress

With the newly acquired underwater drone, ADYSK's dedicated volunteers, armed with their diving expertise, were able to pinpoint the exact locations of ghost nets with accuracy and efficiency. This transformation marked a turning point in their conservation efforts. What once seemed like an insurmountable challenge was now being met with technology-driven precision.


Our Way of Saying Thanks!

The team at ADYSK doesn't consist of professionals; they are individuals who volunteer their expertise, time, and energy to make a difference. Their commitment to clearing the Marmara Sea from ghost nets is inspiring and deserving of recognition. Reflect Studio decided to honor their dedication by providing them with the tools they needed to enhance their mission.

A United Vision for Cleaner Seas

While this collaboration has already concluded, its impact resonates on both in the success of each rescue mission and in the inspiration it offers. Reflect Studio remains dedicated to fostering positive change and innovation that leads to a cleaner, healthier sea. Our collaboration with ADYSK underscores the power of partnerships—where business, technology, and conservation unite for a brighter future.

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