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The Creative Drive:
Stories of RS people by Calling

What happens when you fuse fashion and community? You get a funky photoshoot that spotlights Reflect Studio's new collection while uniting the innovative minds in our creative community.

We collaborated with Calling to create a technicolored world set in the optimistic realm of Reflect Studio. Creators and creatives from the Calling community converged with garments as unique as they are to ignite a celebration of creativity.

This collaboration celebrates the journeys of exceptional creatives, Eda Birthing and the VicoTüco trio. Their unwavering passion for creativity continues to fuel their spirits even during challenging times. What ignites their creative flames? How do they channel inspiration? What hurdles do they overcome, and how do they sustain their remarkable creativity? These are the questions that sparked the inception of this advertorial.


While the photographs brilliantly capture their distinct worlds, it's the accompanying interviews that offer a glimpse into their perspectives. The insights they shared range from their strategies for tackling difficulties to the forces that motivate them. 

Through Reflect Studio's lens and Calling Mag's narrative, we set foot in their creative playgrounds, painting a vivid picture of their journeys with a narrative that weaves together fashion, community, and the incredible minds that shape them. Visit the Calling website to read the interviews or Reflect Studio’s website to shop the looks. 


Creative Director:@gumrahsengun

Photo: @cangorken

Styling: @yasar.eyyubi

Art director: @derykn

Makeup: @denizsarlar

Production: @callingmag

Production Assistant: @burakcemonan

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