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Summer in The City with WWF Market!

Not everyone craves a beachy summer scene, and that's totally fine. If you're someone who finds joy in the quieter streets of your city during summer, you'll resonate with the magic of urban adventures. Think morning coffee runs, browsing local markets, leisurely bike rides in the afternoon, and evening strolls – these are the city's summertime treasures.


Drawing inspiration from these little urban joys, we bring you the Summer in The City photoshoot for WWF Market. Curated by Reflect Studio and set against Amsterdam's urban backdrop, this photo shoot captures the fusion of city life and the laid-back essence of summer. From comfy casual tees to office-ready polo shirts and chino pants, the new collection features versatile ensembles tailored for the city's beat – and that's exactly what we're showcasing. With the lens artistry of photographer Alex, the vibrant streets of Amsterdam come alive, reminding us that urban summers are all about embracing each day while staying true to comfort.


Ready to rock your city summer look? Explore the new collection now on WWF Market's website or drop by Reflect Studio's stores to snag these stylish pieces. Elevate your urban summer game today!

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