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Merch Magic:
Reflect Studio x JigitCreate a Collection Like No Other

Reflect Studio teamed up with the visionary Jigit record label to create an otherworldly fusion of fashion and music. The result? A truly distinctive line of merchandise that stretched the limits of Reflect Studio's FW'22 collection.

Embroidering and printing Jigit's unique designs and logo onto existing Reflect Studio hoodies and sweatshirts, we crafted a blend of two creative forces. The resulting pieces were a testament to the boundless power of collaboration.


Jigit unveiled this special collection, at an unforgettable party hosted at the one and only HOLO NYC yard. Spanning multiple stages, this non-stop 40-hour party immersed attendees in a kaleidoscope of sound and sensation. The mind-altering music was accompanied by gastronomical delights crafted by the esteemed Tanrı Misafiri.The Jigit merch stand at the party became the center of attention as the collection flew off the shelves, leaving visitors wanting more.

So, what the heck is Jigit?

Crafted by the resolute affiliate O.BEE and Tomas Station (also known as Irie Nation), Jigit is far more than a record label—it is a multi-disciplinary creative project that defies conventional boundaries.

At its core, Jigit explores fictionalized storylines of life-altering encounters and cosmic synchronicities, all revolving around the enigmatic spiritual entity known as Jigit.

The music releases become chapters in this riveting narrative, while the accompanying visual storytelling, masterfully crafted by artist Asli Tunaman, takes the form of a mesmerizing fantasy comic strip.

Through our collaboration with Jigit, Reflect Studio once again transcends the confines of traditional fashion, embracing a visionary path where music, art, and storytelling intertwine. Stay tuned for more extraordinary collaborations that push the boundaries of creative alchemy, as we continue to ignite sparks of inspiration and ignite the imagination.



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